How Does A Solar Panel In Hawaii Work

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Solar energy is energy that comes from the sun. Most people think of a Solar Panel Hawaii company as the only way to harness the sun’s energy however, there are different ways to use solar technology to gain solar energy. Solar panels are included in what is considered hybrid solar energy, while there are also other active and passive solar energy ways to get energy from the sun.

Solar technology is making advancements using hybrid solar energy. Hybrid meaning it will include a combination of clean resources to create energy. In this case we have solar, wind, and geothermal with the use of engines or generators. An example of hybrid energy would be solar panels Hawaii.

Solar panels specifically convert the light from the sun. A panel has a lot of little cells covering it and the more light that hits the panel the more energy it can produce. Each cell at its core base has pure silicon which is responsible for the photons to be transformed into electrons. Carbon panels are also similar to the silicon panels and are proving to be more stable.

Solar panels can be confusing because of the technology they use and the different terms they are known by. Photovoltaic panels (PV), thin film Photovoltaic, Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV), and solar thermal energy is sometimes referred to as concentrated solar power (CSP). Depending on the configuration of these systems to capture the most energy you can have individual systems that may be enough resource to run one home or a complex system that can generate over a hundred megawatts to run over 75,000 homes.

Active technology such as the panels take the suns rays and converts it into energy. Passive takes the same technology and possibly diverts it or minimizes the rays. Regardless of the ends it is built to achieve, it is best to build such technology with the home, business or farm that it is meant to serve. For example, adding a solar panel Hawaii after the construction of a building will not be as effective or efficient for a solar technology project. In building a project with solar in mind, windows, doors and roofing material can be placed strategically to attract the most energy.

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