How Can a Salvage Pontoon Assist Your Underwater Recovery Efforts?

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Business

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Using a salvage pontoon to lift underwater debris is incredibly easy. After attaching a hook to whatever you’re lifting, simply inflate the bag. The largest ones have enough lift to support weights up to 77,000 lbs. Most of the time, you’ll never encounter something heavier than that while salvaging.

Durable Salvage Pontoons

Each one has a fabric shell, designed to be highly durable. As a result, they’re resistant to abrasions and punctures. Plus, by coating them with urethane, UV rays won’t make them fade, either. They’ve created pontoons durable enough to use way out in the ocean, too.

Multiple Design Variations

Sometimes, using a horizontal pontoon won’t be possible when you’re lifting something. Instead of using one of them, a vertical pontoon might be better. Since they’re oriented vertically, they can go in places horizontal ones can’t. So, if you’ve struggled to get one somewhere, try using a separate design. Even researchers have used them to conduct underwater research while collecting data.

Salvage Wrecks and More

Suppose you’re attempting to salvage underwater wreckage. If that’s the case, using a salvage pontoon would make it much easier. Compared to lifting it with boats, connecting wreckage to pontoons is simple. Just hook up a clip to one of its attachments and inflate the bag. Once it has plenty of air, it’ll start lifting whatever is connected to it. Then, it’s only a matter of time until the bags breach the surface. From there, you can hook them up to a towing boat for transport.

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