How a Locksmith Can Help You Get Into Your Vehicle

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Uncategorized

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You love your car… Without your car you would find it difficult to get to work each day or go to a grocery store. Let’s face it a person’s vehicle is like an extension of themselves. But what happens if you were to get locked out or lose your keys?

This is where a locksmith in Yonkers may be able to help. A locksmith can really get you out of a bind if you have been silly enough to lose or ahem “misplace” your keys. We have all had it at some point where we have lost keys or they have fallen out of our pocket.

A trip to the supermarket turns into a stress fest
So you go to the supermarket to quickly pick up a few items and whilst you are in a rush and you’re practically flying around the store like superman trying to get away from a lump of flying kryptonite, you fail to notice at some point your keys falling out of your pocket. You get to the checkout pay for your items and start making your way to the vehicle; you go to grab your keys and do the all important central locking and notice that your key is no longer there… You could have sworn you had them on you whilst you were in the store; you go back and can’t find them anywhere.

You start to panic, what if someone else finds them and steals your car, you frantically get on your cell phone and start ringing the partner to tell them what happened, they tell you to calm down and it’s going to be alright they have another key at home. Your partner goes to the house and picks up the key and drives to where you are at and comes to your aid. At this point you have looked around everywhere for your key retracing as best as you can every step and ask all the cashiers if anyone has handed in a set of car keys, the cashiers all reply no. You come out of the store to face your partner who is patiently waiting at the car for you. They have the second key and open the door and stand there like a knight in shining armor.

Having more than one key always comes in handy
After apologizing and wondering what on earth could have happened to your keys, you go through the motions with your partner (missing out the part, where you were going round the store like a bull in a china shop) your partner then suggests that as you only have one key that your house keys were attached to the set as well that may make sense to visit a locksmith in town or a locksmith in Yonkers to get some new keys.


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