Hosting Events with Large Format Printing

by | May 10, 2012 | Business

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Conventions and trade shows draw in a large number of people, so they’re usually hosted in very large spaces. While certain attendees may be accustomed to the facility and its layout, others might have more trouble finding their way around. You won’t want them to have trouble finding your booth or the events they’ve come to participate in. How can you simplify the process for them? How can you keep them satisfied and relaxed? Three words: large format printing.

Convention centers are massive, and each visitor will almost invariably be there for specific reasons. Sufficient signage is crucial to helping them find what they’re looking for—you! They should be able to quickly find whatever it is they’re looking for without having to stop and ask people for help. Even if a convention already has signage, large format printing can go a long way in making sure that attendees don’t miss you in the process of all that’s going on. It’s not enough to simply have a little sign in place telling people where to go; you have to capture their attention right away to bring them to where you want them to be.

Have you ever found yourself trying to navigate a large area that you’d never been to before? If so, then it’s likely that you might have had to ask for directions at some point. If you’re like many people, you probably found it frustrating that the signage wasn’t clear enough about where to go or what to do. Some people will give up. Even if there were signs, you might have missed them because they were too small or bland to register in your mind as something important. If you’re helping set up a convention and you don’t have large format printing, that’s how your patrons might feel. To make matters worse, this could also deter many people from coming back in the future.

Large format printing is relatively easy to obtain. Simply contact a reputable printing company in your area and they will immediately begin work creating professional, effective signage. An experienced large format printing company will also likely have suggestions with regard to how many signs you will need, appropriate size, as well as best placement. You can have a man-sized map at the entrance of the convention center telling people where each event is being held, or you could even have large, flashy banners set up in order to draw attention. Either way, your patrons will thank you and will look forward to attending next year.

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