Helpful Tips for Outdoor Advertising Printing

by | Nov 2, 2015 | Business, Digital Printing

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There is no question that outdoor advertising can be extremely effective. Regardless of the product or service you offer, having the right advertisement seen by the masses can make a huge difference in the success of the brand. When you are ready to have an outdoor advertising printing completed, it is essential to use the tips here to ensure the product is what is wanted or needed.

Begin with a Great Idea
A good idea is what will make outdoor advertising printing so effective. You should carefully consider the message you want to convey and then find a way to do so with the right text and images.

Identifiable Product
You need to ensure that the advertisers name is clear and easy to read. After all, what is the point in investing in outdoor advertising printing if the text is not able to be read or understood by the passing viewers?

Short Amounts of Text
When it comes to outside advertising, there is no need to have more than seven words on the advertisement. They should also be kept short to ensure easy comprehension. Anything longer will not be an effective message for outdoor advertising.

Use Legible and Large Type
The lettering needs to be, at a minimum, 12 inches tall. It is important to keep in mind that the letters will be being viewed from a distance of 400 up to 600 feet. If it is any smaller, those passing by will not be able to understand what the message is.

Increase the Thickness of the Lines
At a distance of 600 feet thinner lines will start to disappear. When it comes to getting an advertising message across, it is essential that it be easily viewed from a distance, which means accommodating with larger letters and thicker lines.

Forget about White Space
When it comes to online advertising or even print advertising, you have likely heard that leaving ample white space is essential. However, this rule does not apply to outdoor advertising printing. You should make sure that you utilize every inch of real estate to ensure the most effective message.

Be Bold
Bolder colors are essential. Light colors or pastels will simply fade into the background, resulting in the images or text not being clear. Take some time to pick out bold, noticeable colors for the outdoor advertising, since this will be much easier to view from a distance.

You should carefully consider the message you want to convey and then find a way to do so with the right text and images. For more detail contact us Sitename.

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