Glass Door Design Inspiration

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Doors aren’t just a necessary element of every room in your home, they are also an important focal point of the room that have the ability to greatly add or detract from the overall attractiveness and style of the space. Too often, the upkeep and updating of doors is neglected and old fashioned in comparison to more commonly updated elements such as wall paint or furniture, and plain wood doors leave a home feeling worn out, beat up or out-of-date. A single new glass door can completely transform a room, providing new possibilities for style and functionality.

What Type of Door Do You Need?
You may not realize it, but there is a different type of door for just about every room and use in your home. Of course, there are traditional swinging doors. Sliding doors, though, may provide an entirely new sense of style that transforms your room. Your sliding door can either feature a wood frame and small glass panes (similar to a swinging door) or a single large glass pane for a modern, minimalistic look. Sliding doors can also be installed in the middle of rooms or large spaces to create functional room dividers that update your floor plan on the fly.

What Type of Glass Do You Need?
Just because it’s glass does not mean it has to be clear. In fact, some of the most stunning and stylish glass door designs utilize a variety of different types of frosted or textured glass to stand out from other glass fixtures. Frosted glass completely changes the way natural light moves around your space, allowing rooms to receive as much or as little light as you want whether the door is open or closed. Additionally, frosted glass fixes the problem of lost privacy with a traditional clear glass door.

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