Give Cigar Accessories As a Gift

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Shopping

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Choosing a gift for a cigar lover can be a rather complicated matter, especially in this area, where tastes are supposedly refined. Supposing you’ve arrived at a conclusion in terms of the preferences of the person celebrated and you bought a cigar from the store. You might want to use some accessories as well, in order to make your present more special. In the following lines, you will be presented with some very useful suggestions of cigar accessories to consider whenever you want to buy such a present.

First of all, it would be ideal to buy your cigar directly from the store, not online, because you will be able to check its elasticity, appearance and smell. If you buy online, however; you expose yourself to the risk of receiving a contaminated cigar, which you will surely not enjoy.

A beautiful gift from the accessory range could be used by smokers of cigars. These devices can be a humid, a lighter, a cutter or an ashtray. Of course, you can make a complete gift, especially if the person has just started, including the 4 accessories and a box of cigars. When it comes to choosing the ashtray, make sure the layout is for cigars, not cigarette and the functionality is suitable. A good level of moisture is coated inside with cedar wood and you should therefore, look for a box made of this material. It should not cost you too much, but ensure you follow this step carefully, because the moisture is a precious aspect when it comes to the quality of the cigars.

As for the lighters, they must also be specially made for cigars. These lighters are either high flame or flame jet (similar to those for wind). The main characteristic of a lighter for cigars is that you have to withstand a long flash and that it does not heat up or melt. A typical cigarette lighter does not last longer than 20 seconds without beginning to deteriorate. There are various models you can choose from, ranging from regular cigar lighters to luxury models.

Finally, the cutter, regardless of its characteristics, must cut well. The prices can vary in this matter as well, depending on the different characteristics. You will eventually realize there are more choices when it comes to cigar accessories than you have ever imagined. You just need to choose quality if you want to ensure that the receiver of your present will be satisfied. Finally, a recommendation might be to buy a complete kit.

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