Getting to Know Nairobi in an Apartment Hotel

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Hotels And Motels

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Nairobi is a city unlike any other place on Earth. Besides being the cultural and financial epicenter of Kenya, Nairobi is a fascinating metropolis where worlds intersect. The wilderness of the savannah is alive and intact at Nairobi National Park, where you can find a wide variety of flora and fauna, all within view of the beautiful skyline of the Green City in the Sun. Just four miles north of the park is the center of this bustling city. Whether you are traveling to Nairobi for pleasure or business, it is important to find the right arrangements to get the most out of your stay. Renting a room at an apartment hotel in Nairobi is an excellent way to stay right in the middle of it all in a fully equipped apartment, all while enjoying the conveniences that only a top notch hotel can provide.

No matter what brings you to Kenya, is important to feel comfortable in such a different environment. It is common for a traveler to go into culture shock if they are not adequately prepared for their new environment. If you stay at an apartment hotel in Nairobi, your room will boast all of the comforts of home, including a kitchen, dining table, and a functional design that makes it the perfect home base for your African adventure. Available in several different configurations from studio apartment to multiple bedrooms, you are sure to find an apartment that suits your needs perfectly. Safety is also a top priority of apartment hotels in Nairobi. Precautionary measures like 24 hour security patrols, perimeter security fencing and camera surveillance provide an added sense of protection during your stay in Nairobi.

From your centrally located apartment hotel room in Nairobi, you will be within a short commute of multiple shopping centers, the bustling business district, and much more. In downtown Nairobi, there is a lively nightlife, along with a vibrant live music scene. From theaters to the United Nations to a National Park, Nairobi is a city that truly has it all. Make sure that you see it all by staying in an apartment hotel in Nairobi on your next visit to Africa.

For an experience that you will never forget, stay at an apartment hotel in Nairobi. You will enjoy all of the comforts of your own home, all while staying in the middle of this bustling Kenyan metropolis. Visit the wondrous Nairobi National Park and Kenya’s finest shopping malls in the same day from your home base at a quality apartment hotel in Nairobi.

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