Getting Rid of Mold Growing in Your Carpet

by | Mar 28, 2012 | Home And Garden

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After everything we went through, we moved back into our house only to discover our carpet had black mold growing in it,” says Kyle Manning. “I just threw my hands up and wanted to give up. It felt like an insult added to injury.” Kyle Manning and his wife, Marjorie, had woken from sleep a few weeks earlier when their smoke alarms went off. A fire that started due to a poor electrical connection in the kitchen was eating away at the walls, causing a lot of damage in their kitchen and dining area.

We ran outside just as the fire department arrived,” Marjorie relates. “They had the fire out pretty quickly, but a lot of damage had already been done.”

The hardwood floors in the kitchen were badly damaged, but their homeowners insurance helped to cover repairs, along with reconstruction of the wall and much of the kitchen tiling. “What we didn’t think about,” says Kyle, “was all of the damage caused by the fire hoses spraying water into the house. Even though the entire affected area was professionally dried, there were carpeted areas overlooked, and that’s where the black mold grew.”

A Pflugerville carpet cleaning company can assist in getting rid of the kind of black mold the Mannings found in their carpet upon returning to their home. Attempting to resolve the problem on one’s own is usually more difficult than hiring a professional Pflugerville carpet cleaning service. Although the source of the problem was fairly obvious in the case of Kyle and Marjorie, many people attempt to clean up the symptoms – the black mold itself – without addressing the source, and once cleaned, it comes back.

A licensed Pflugerville carpet cleaning professional can assist in both inspection and making sure that spores do not travel to other areas of the house, encapsulate the area where the mold has infected the carpet with a liquid solution, and fully clean the carpet until there is no trace of mold at all.

We hired a company to clean the area where mold was growing on our carpet,” says Kyle. “They came in and did the job swiftly and professionally, and even worked with our insurance company to pay for the service. Not only did they clean the carpet, but checked our ventilation systems to make sure spores had not traveled there to grow, as well. We were very happy with the job they did.”

Mold problems are often difficult to deal with and seeking to resolve issues without help may cause the spores to spread throughout the house. A licensed Pflugerville carpet cleaning company is the best bet in remedying situations involving mold or mildew in carpeting, or anywhere in the house.

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