Get Reliable Service For Your Air Conditioning In Philadelphia

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Uncategorized

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Many Philadelphia homeowners know that keeping your air conditioning in good running condition can be the difference between staying cool during the summer or suffering in the sweltering summer heat. Most of these residents are looking ahead to the upcoming summer, even with it being winter right now, and working towards ensuring their air conditioning equipment will be up to the task of keeping their homes cool when summer rolls around. Being prepared like this, means they won’t be rushing back and forth to get their air conditioning repaired when summer knocks on their door and their equipment doesn’t function the way it should.

One of the major benefits of planning ahead for the coming summer, is the fact that your Air Conditioning in Philadelphia will be there when you need it most. Having regular servicing for your air conditioning unit can help prevent costly repair bills in the future, by catching mechanical or electrical problems as they start. Many of these problems are easy to spot if you know what to look for, but most homeowners will overlook these signs until their unit stops working altogether. Having a reliable contractor like Lowry Services perform regular maintenance and cleaning on your unit, means they will be able to spot problems as they start since they will be running the unit and testing it each time they service it.

Even during the winter, it’s advisable to run your unit periodically to ensure no mechanical components freeze up due to not being used as often as normal. Your Air Conditioning in Philadelphia can suffer a lot during the winter when it’s not being used. Keeping your unit running every few days, for a short period of an hour or more, can lessen the risk of mechanical issues that can occur from the cold temperatures of winter. It can also keep your air conditioner’s components used to their normal running conditions, by running the unit for longer intervals even when it’s cold outside.

One of the best things a homeowner can do when it comes to their air conditioner, is know what to listen for when a problem does occur. Constant noise, for instance, usually means something is wrong with the fan. This can be small debris hitting the fan, clogs building up which can slow the fan down, or other mechanical issues that prevent the fan from turning properly and causing a constant noise as it operates.

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