German-Italian Fusion: A Meal to Celebrate Pope Benedict XVI

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Business

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In February 2013, Pope Benedict shocked the world by announcing his retirement, the first pope to do so in over 600 years. While this certainly creates great changes for the Catholic Church, his life and legacy also makes a great opportunity to party! Use Orlando food delivery service to your best advantage, and create a totally Benedictine fusion meal with German and Italian restaurant fare all rolled into one. It’s guaranteed to be a party that you and your friends – no matter what your religion – will never forget.

A long buffet table will create the best way to serve the meal, giving guests the option of mixing up the two completely different cuisines. Offering several different courses from each country is probably the best way to go, and guests will have fun noshing on spaghetti and weinerschnitzel. Of course, the Italian side of the affair is a little easier to plan, and Orlando food delivery services offer several options from different restaurants around the area. A good Caesar of house salad is a good option for the appetizer, as it will complement the fare of both nationalities. Offering two Italian entrees gives guests a good variety to choose from; make sure one of the Italian dishes is vegetarian, as German food tends to be very meat heavy. Baked ziti, fettuccini alfredo, or simple meatless pasta make great options, especially since they are light enough to pair with the rest of the buffet. For the meat option, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, or chicken parmesan are all good choices. One dessert from each nationality should be plenty, so consider tiramisu, cannoli, or panna cotta.

The German side of the buffet will be a little more challenging, since this fare is far less common in the US and thus harder to find. Luckily, a good Orlando food delivery service will be able to bring in authentic and quality German cuisine. One option would be to offer a soup as the first course, like goulash, pea, or liver dumpling soup. You may want to skip the appetizer and get a large order of German potato salad instead. This will be a great paring with any number of German entrees. Bratwurst is an obvious choice, and, frankly guests will be expecting it when you tell them the theme of the party. Complement that, however, with something more unusual like weinerschitzel, liver dumplings, or sauerbraten. If you want a German vegetarian option, consider something like cheese spatzle, potato pancakes, or vegetarian dumplings. Good dessert offerings would be apple strudel, Black Forest Cake, or Sacher Torte.

Round out the meal with a selection of Italian wines and German beers, and you’re good to go. Sure, the meal is a little unorthodox, but it seems an ironic yet fitting way to honor and celebrate a very orthodox pope.

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