Forklifts for Sale Seattle Distributors Offer Various Forklift Attachments

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Business

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Forklift equipment generally involves main unit components and lift attachments. The basic components are assembled and included at the time of purchase. The majority of these parts are replaceable during the lifetime of the forklift. Lifting attachments include various tools designed to be fitted that accommodate various applications. Fork attachments which are two-pronged are the most widely used. You’ll find forklifts for sale Seattle retailers that offer both new and used lifts.

Typical Forklift Accessories
Forklift attachments work together with conventional forks instead of replacing them. This type of equipment enhances functionality. As an example, a telescopic attachment allows the fork to lift goods and pallets at various angles on shelves or onto trucks. A side shifter permits an operator to move the forks right or left. They can then reposition items without the necessity of moving the entire forklift. A rotator moves the forks at different angles. This is ideal on uneven or rough surfaces.

Operator Protection
Additional equipment might be included as standard with the forklift. A good example is the overhead guard. This is a metal cage bolted in place around the cab to protect the operator against falling objects and pallets that might land on top of the lift. Many forklifts have outriggers installed as well. These are supports extending away from the truck body and provide extra stability whenever lowering or lifting extremely heavy objects. An extra heavy load can throw the lift off balance creating a dangerous situation. Forklifts for sale Seattle dealers offer various lift accessories.

Man Baskets
A man basket is a special piece of equipment that is affixed to the forklift. Its purpose is to allow individuals to be safely lifted upwards. These usually include a form of security like a harness that prevents the individual from falling out. The cage itself is constructed of strong metal to avoid getting crushed if the cage is operated incorrectly or somehow struck. There are also scale attachments sold separately that allow a lift operator to accurately weigh goods and pallets.

Forklift Blade Extensions
One of the most common forklift attachments is the blade extension. These are utilized to move pallets beyond a standard length. They sit on top of a standard forklift blade and simply slide on or off. There is also an extension made to handle rolls of carpeting. The carpet attachment fits directly on the blade or it can be attached directly to the mast, although this requires removing the regular blades entirely. Forklifts for sale Seattle distributors can help you with all of your forklift needs.


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