Florida Dating Is Out of Sight

by | Jan 30, 2012 | Lifestyle And Relationships

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So you’ve met that special someone – at last – after a long search. Now that you’re going out, you want to find things to do together that will enable the relationship to grow. But both of you are bored with the same old ideas – eating out, movies, concerts. Luckily for you, you live in Florida, where the possibilities for dating couples are virtually endless.

If you’re looking for some off-the-beaten-path experiences to do as a couple, you’re in the right place. From nature hikes to swimming with dolphins to the excitement of Miami’s clubs and cabanas, Florida is a treasure trove of possibility for dating couples.

For outdoorsy types, Florida is the perfect spot for couples looking for adventure. Whether your tastes run to camping, hiking, water sports, ecological discovery, or just soaking up the sunshine, you’ll find an outlet in the Sunshine State’s amazingly diverse terrain. With 1,350 miles of coastline, Florida is the ideal dating scene for couples who enjoy swimming, boating, diving, fishing, and a host of other aquatic activities. Looking for a truly one-of-a-kind experience? Check out Jules’ Undersea Lodge, a hotel located at the bottom of a lagoon which can only be entered by SCUBA diving to the front door! The lodge even offers a romantic package where guests have the place to themselves, as well as music, flowers, and two chef-prepared meals.

But you don’t have to be near the beach to enjoy the Florida outdoors. The truly adventurous can find hundreds of ways to discover the state’s amazingly lush and varied inland treasures. The ecologically inclined couple might want to explore a natural preserve via an eco-safari. Getting around the preserve is perhaps the most fun part of the experience, as couples can fly over the forest canopy via zipline, experience the wildlife and foliage up close on horseback – or even pedal in a suspended cycle through the trees.

Unusual dating experiences aren’t limited to the outdoors, of course. If music and dancing are more your speed, you won’t lack for things to do. For decades, South Florida has been the home of one of the most exciting nightlife scenes in the world – a place to see and be seen, to whirl the night away in a sizzling blend of sound, sight, and taste. From salsa to jazz to honkytonk, if you’re looking for city nightlife, you’re sure to find it.

The getting-to-know-you stage of any relationship is fraught with possibility. Couples looking to liven up their dating experiences have a world of possibilities right at their doorstep. Break out of the routine and discover the extraordinary romantic adventures Florida has to offer.

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