Financing Your Auto Repair

by | Feb 11, 2013 | Automotive

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Coming up with a way to pay for expensive car repairs can potentially break the bank and your sanity with it. If you don’t have enough money in your savings account and you don’t qualify for a credit card, there’s still a way for you to get your automobile repaired and your bill taken care of. Some auto repair shops offer financing so that you can pay off your auto repair in Dunedin FL in installments rather than in one lump sum.

What Is Auto Repair Financing?

Before you consider taking out a loan to pay for your auto repairs, you should ask to see if the auto shop has a financing program. One of the main reasons that auto repair financing is so popular is that it has a low interest rate and fees to match. Some shops won’t even charge you interest, allowing you to pay off your bill in full without worrying about paying anything extra. One of the reasons that shops do this is that auto repair Dunedin FL is very competitive and shops want your business and are willing to go out of their way to get and keep your business.

Benefits of Auto Repair Financing

Aside from allowing you to spread your payments out, there are other advantages of auto repair financing. Instant approval, no credit checks, simple qualifying and year-long financing are a few of the benefits for customers, and shops are allowed to offer customers up to $1,200 and can receive advanced payment within three days. Even if you have a credit card, chances are that you don’t want to risk going over your credit limit with the cost of a single auto repair in Dunedin FL. Choosing to go with auto repair financing could also be a great way to rebuild your credit if the shop reports positive credit activity.

Approval Requirements

Much like a credit card, you’ll have to be approved for auto repair financing. Depending on the shop, you may be required to have a verified income, provide a down payment for repairs, have a valid checking or savings account, provide your social security number and have a government issued ID. If the auto shop does charge interest, it’s a good idea to try your best to pay off the automobile repair as quickly as possible in order to avoid paying any more than you have to.

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