Features of a Successful Landing Page Design

by | Oct 29, 2011 | Computer And Internet

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Up to 75% companies have customized landing pages and 25% of them are constantly testing them to find better conversion rates. This was revealed in the PubCon, a new media and social marketing conference held annually. A successful landing page design should be able to present a product or service with as much information as possible and be aimed at securing a sale. The aim is to elicit some action or ‘conversion’ after all. There are a variety of underhanded techniques that can help landing page optimization service providers hoodwink your target audience to come to your page, but beware, this may cost you your repute and business. A well designed page on the other hand can land you more customers and better sales.

Five Characteristics of a Good Landing Page Design

The landing page design should be user friendly and elegantly designed. Other specifics that should be kept in mind are:

  1. Consistency: The content needs to be consistent with everything going on around it. The overall look and feel of the website should be constant. Similar words and design templates should be applied to all ads and promotions.
  2. Informative: Most of the time, the search engine redirects users to your website because they have entered keywords looking for information. Do not go all out to sell only, be careful to provide relevant information or else the user will click away from your page too soon.
  3. Interactivity: Let the visitor interact and participate on your page so that they spend more time on it. Provide the user with loots of call to action buttons and content that urges them to click more.
  4. Strategizing and positioning: Aim to funnel the user to click on the links. Give the maximum information without flooding the page, above the fold. Give the buttons above, middle and below so that at any point of time if the user is inclined, he/she can click on it.
  5. Providing ease of access: The sign up landing page should be extremely simple and not daunting with too many blank spaces to fill. Offer some incentive to the customers to fill up the form as well. Understand your customers and give them what they are looking for. Give them graphics, tables, bullet points and make it easy for them to access the information on your website.

Clean, simple, personalized layouts are the way to better sales when it comes to landing page designs. The page should be a social and dynamic space that encourages visitors to revisit and also highlights the value proposition so that it enhances your business.

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