Fan Based Reviews of Broadway Theatre Shows

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Arts

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New York City and great theater have been synonymous since the 1700s. The first established theater came and went before the Revolutionary War. It reopened again in 1798 leading the way for more to open around the city and the country. Eventually more and more theaters began to open along Broadway Avenue until finally in the 1930s it started to look like the Broadway, modern theater-goers now recognize.

Today there are large theatres and small along the avenue showing a total of approximately 1,500 performances every year. Even the most dedicated fan can struggle to keep up with the good and the bad. Relying on the advice of critics can leave you to miss staggeringly good plays, musicals and personal performances. It can also add up to a lot of disappointing evenings wasted at a performance which leaves you empty. If you have often wondered if there is a better way, the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Broadway Audience is a website which provides reviews of Broadway theatre shows, not from critics, but from actual everyday theater lovers. Get the truth about each actor, actress and more from every performance on Broadway (and many off-Broadway, as well). This site lets you know what real fans think, rather than the over-puffed critiques from paid watchers. These reviews of Broadway theatre shows are complete. You will not find just a thumbs-up or thumbs down. You will get in-depth opinions which include reviews of acting performances, sets, costumes and more.

Reviewers leave their statistical data, making it possible for you to select reviews from people in your own demographic or with similar interests. The site was started for one reason, to improve the quality of shows which get produced. No longer is it possible for an amazing performance to be ignored. Nor will it be as easy for an overblown production to get stellar reviews it really did not deserve. Now the fans will be able to have the power to help influence the theaters to give them more of what they love.

You can leave a review after signing up as a member of the community. You are free to leave reviews of any play, whether on Broadway or off. There is also space for members to upload photos of their exciting theater experiences. Whether you attend one show a year or one hundred, all opinions are welcome. Join today. Visit the site to know more.

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