Fabricating Countertops in the San Fernando Valley, CA is About More than Just the Top

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Most homeowners don’t need to think too much about what goes into making countertops in San Fernando Valley, CA, but those who have taken a closer look at their counters realize that there is a lot more to most of them than just the top. In fact, for counters that aren’t made of solid stone or concrete, the top is just a small part of the unit. The majority of the unit is actually a piece of particle board, hardboard, or a similar material. The top is a thin piece of laminate that is bonded to the board with a special adhesive. While it’s common to call this type of counter a “Formica countertop,” Formica is just one of several brands of laminate that may be used.

When a contractor or other person decides to make a custom counter, several factors will come into play that will influence material choices. For a customer, the most major aspect will likely be how the countertop looks. Since each laminate manufacturer has its own selection of colors and patterns, the customer’s choice will likely dictate which manufacturer’s product will be used. From the contractor’s perspective, a few other factors come into play. He’ll need to attach the laminate to a substrate that is able to withstand whatever use the customer intends. The proper adhesive will also need to be selected. Therefore, suppliers of counter materials like Harter Surfaces offer a wide range of components so that all of these needs can be met.

Not all homes or businesses need custom countertops. As with many other things, there are certain options that are far more popular than others. Some materials suppliers therefore fabricate a large quantity of counters that make use of these few options. When one of these pre-fabricated counters is acceptable, all a builder needs to do is choose the right length from the in-stock supply. This is a good option for subcontractors that do work on homes that are built according to a preset pattern or who have customers that happen to choose a stock option for countertops in San Fernando Valley, CA.

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