Emergency Foot Care When You Are in a Crisis

by | Mar 6, 2013 | Health And fitness

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While most foot conditions can wait until the doctor can fit you into their normal schedule, other can’t wait if you are in an emergency situation. Most Foot Doctor Durham NC professionals will get you in the very same day if you are in a crisis situation. Many people in the United States suffer greatly from foot related problems.  However, women seem to have many more foot ailments than men do.  The reasons for this could be that women wear improper shoes more than men do, such as flip-flops or high-heels. Even though these types of shoes look absolutely fabulous, they are really hard on your feet. Women can be in horrible pain from wearing these types of shoes. Women also seem to wear a lot of shoes that are narrower than what their feet are, to where their toes are all crunched together. This is extremely bad for the feet, and could contribute to foot problems later in life.

There is No Normalcy If You Experience Foot Pain

Even though many people often complain that their feet hurt, and it gets passed off as nothing, it is actually important. Foot pain is not normal under any circumstances, so you will need to be evaluated if you are dealing with any sort of pain in your foot. Most podiatrists will accept new patients, and they accept payment from most insurance companies as well. If you are experiencing issues, you need to be seen regardless of the cost. Do not put off going to the doctor just because you don’t have insurance if that is the case. You could cause irreparable damage to your feet if you do. Foot conditions seem to be more prevalent in athletes, older people, and people with certain medical conditions such as diabetes. Some of the conditions that these people experience include ankle instability, calluses, corns, diabetic foot, ingrown toenails, foot fungus, warts, or even poor circulation in the feet.

The Truth about Ingrown Toenails

Most people don’t consider an ingrown toenail to be much of a problem, but they really hurt if you have ever experienced them. A lot of times, they can be cured just by cutting the toenails a certain way. Many people cut the nails to make the toes look good, but they should be making a cut straight across rather than at an angle. A good podiatrist can advise people on how they can best prevent this from happening. In addition to general foot ailments, most podiatry offices will offer physical therapy, vascular screening, diagnostic ultrasounds and x-rays. These procedures are all designed to help patients have healthy feet. Once they run the tests, they will know what they are up against in curing your ailments.

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