Door Replacement in Orland Park Updates a Home’s Appearance

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Doors are one of the major design elements of any home’s exterior appearance. Door Replacement in Orland Park can include four different kinds of doors. Entry doors greet friends and family as they visit and everyone wants to make a great impression. The Chicago region has very cold and snowy winters. Most families put a storm door over all of their entry doors. Garage doors are one of the largest areas of a home’s exterior. It is important that they coordinate with the rest of the home. Patio doors connect the home to the private spaces to the side or rear of a home.

All of these doors have to be secure and protect the homeowner from unwanted intrusion. Most people spend a great deal of effort deciding on the perfect entry door for their home. Like many other home features that used to be made of wood, it is common today to see fiberglass entry way doors. They are engineered to look like wood and even have a realistic grain pattern. Fiberglass doors provide four times the insulation of wood doors. They are also low-maintenance and never have to be painted. Homeowners will be impressed by the 30-year warranty.

Security-conscious homeowners can opt for steel doors during Door Replacement in Orland Park. While the exterior of the door looks like a wood door, steel reinforcement has been strategically placed inside it. A reinforced locket area prevents intruders from drilling through the door to gain access. A 12-gauge plate is placed to reinforce the hinge area. This makes it difficult to kick a door off its hinges. Polyurethane is placed between the layers of the door for added insulation. Vinyl layers on the outside of the door look like a rich wood and add more insulation to the door. Steel doors come with a 20-year warranty.

Evergreen Window has been installing replacement windows and doors for over 50 years in the Chicago area. Their representatives will help homeowners find the door of their dreams. If it is a door that provides access to a multi-family residence, they will ensure that it complies with local building codes. People who live in a development governed with by a homeowner’s association may have to comply with several restrictions. These can be accommodated as well.

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