Do I Need Botox And Fillers?

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The classical question do I need Botox and fillers. It is one that is asked more often than you would think. Many plastic surgeons often tell their patients that it is more beneficial, practically necessary, to get both Botox and fillers. The thing is, while Botox paralyzes the face it doesn’t fill in the creases and wrinkles like true filler would. On the flip side, the filler would fill in the gaps but without the Botox to help keep the face stationary they would not have enough time to set and would not last.

Finding Yourself A Botox And Filler Treatment

If you are looking for Botox & fillers in IL you should start by looking up plastic or cosmetic surgeons and doctors in your area. These professionals will be able to help you plan out your treatments and get you prepared with everything you are going to need to know about the day before the treatment, the day of the treatment and the recovery time after the treatment. It is also possible that you might require more than one treatment in order to get the desired results that you are looking for. If this is the course of action you wish to take then by all means make sure you speak with a medical profession before go ahead with any kind of cosmetic surgery.

Is There A Different Between Botox & Fillers And A Face Lift?

Yes, there is a difference. The first of which is: a face lift is a full surgical procedure that requires hours of surgical work on the skin around your face. It typically involves an operation theater and has longer recovery times and possibly more damaging side-effects. A Botox and filler treatment is much less invasion and does not require cutting the skin to accomplish its desired effects.  The side effects are also quite minimal as well. There is no real danger of nerve damage from a Botox injection.

If you have been considering getting these types of cosmetic procedures done then your first step ALWAYS needs to be speaking with a medically professional. They will have all the important information you are going to need and this post should in no way be thought of as actual medical advice. If after speaking with a trained doctor you decide to continue on with this course of action then you will be happy to know that many people have taken this route before you and while results may vary most of them are satisfied with their outcomes. For more information visit the site

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