Dentist Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Word

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Few words can evoke such strong emotion as the word “dentist.” Unfortunately, for many it has a negative connotation, but it doesn’t have to. For people with tooth pain or a less-than-perfect smile, a visit to the dentist’s office can be a blessing. As long as you choose the right dental professional and do your part to take care of your teeth, you have nothing to fear from a dental visit.

What Dentists Can Do for You
Dentists perform a variety of services from simple cleanings and assessments to root canals and tooth whitenings. Preventative services might include cleanings and bonding teeth, while tooth repair could include drilling and filling cavities, filling chipped and pitted teeth, performing root canals, adding crowns, or even removing teeth. Some types of cosmetic procedures would include whitening, capping, and dental implants, among other procedures.

Finding a Dentist
Being comfortable with a dental professional is half the battle, so you should do your best to find one you like. Make a list of the characteristics that are important to you, such as education, specialty, experience, or anything else. Then you can search online using a medical locator service, the Better Business Bureau or just a local review site to find someone who meets your needs. When you have narrowed the field of dentists down to one or two choices, you might want to just go ahead and have a consultation to see if you’re comfortable with them.

How to Make Trips to the Dentist’s Office Easier
The best way to make your dental visits go more smoothly with less discomfort is to take good care of your teeth. Brushing after every meal with a fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and having regular dental check-ups will keep your teeth much cleaner with less plaque and tartar, which means that professional cleanings won’t take as long or require as much effort. More importantly, good dental care reduces the likelihood of cavities that would require fillings, root canals or tooth removal, three of the most unpleasant dental experiences. Having regular checkups allows your dentist to spot potential problems early too, so a minor repair could be done instead of a more uncomfortable major one.

Dental visits are much easier when you have a great dentist you are comfortable with, and in Huntington Beach, CA, Dr. Logart may be just the one you need. Contact Annika Logart, DDS for dental visits today!

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