Dental Implant Procedures and Uses

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If you have missing or uneven teeth you may need to discuss dental implants with your dental professional. A dental implant is the most similar medical device to your natural tooth root, and your jaw bone actually fuses to it making it a permanent addition to your body. This can create a symmetrical full set of teeth in your mouth for an immaculate smile. Don’t be ashamed of your smile, embrace it with confidence and show it off frequently. There are many professionals who perform dental implants in Carlsbad, so finding the right one for you should be an easy task.

Dental implant procedure

Through a series of x-rays, dental history review and oral exams your dentist will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implant surgery. If it is decided that dental implants are the best fit for your needs then the first step is to implant the device into the bone. The device is normally made of titanium and after the bone is prepped to receive the implant it will be inserted into your jaw while under local anesthesia. It will take a period of about four months for the bone to fuse to the implant. This process is called osseointegration and the result is a permanent implant. The tip of the implant will be visible and a post will be put in place to attach one or more teeth to. In some cases a straightening bridge may also be attached to the post. This is also achieved while under local anesthesia, but this procedure usually takes less time. The last step is for the dentist to make the prosthetic tooth or teeth that will be fitted to the post which in turn is attached to the dental implant. This usually requires several visits, but once the process is done you should have a restored smile complete with natural looking teeth. Even though they look natural it is important to note that it may take some getting used to. The prosthetic tooth or teeth lack the periodontal ligament, so it will feel different than your existing teeth when you chew. In the United States this procedure usually ranges anywhere from 2,000 dollars for a single tooth up to 40,000 dollars for full set of teeth.

Picking the right dental practice

Even though this is a relatively common procedure if done incorrectly it can have catastrophic results on your health and your wallet. The first step in choosing the right doctor’s office is the first phone contact with the staff. You should ask questions and be able to gauge not only how knowledgeable the staff is, but their customer service skills as well. The next step is evaluating the facility. It should be inviting, comfortable and relaxing in the waiting area. Check around for cleanliness as this is a good indication of how well the facility is cared for. It is also recommended that you research coupons and deals. Ask the receptionist if they are having any specials, because you may be able to get out of there with less of an impact on your bank account than you first thought. The doctor should listen to you and not seem distracted or rushed. It is very important that the doctor have a complete grasp on the situation at hand. Last but certainly not least check the certification of everyone who will be using instruments including x-rays on your body. All medical staff should have this on hand and be willing to provide it to you.

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