Criminal Defense Lawyer Villa Rica GA Area

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An attorney or lawyer, is an individual called upon to represent people or companies in business or legal concerns or problems. They uphold the rules of the law. In the United States an attorney must have a license to practice law and those who practice law without a license can be charged with fraud. It’s important to do research before finding the proper attorney you are looking for. There should be no problem in finding a Professional Criminal Defense Lawyer in Villa Rica GA.

All attorneys including criminal defense attorneys have an extensive education. After completion of an undergraduate degree of any kind they can then go on to get their Juris Doctor degree or Doctor of Jurisprudence from an American Bar Association-accredited law school. The American Bar Association is an organization of volunteers with over 40,000 members that provides accreditation for law schools, provides continuing education for attorneys, has programs to assist lawyers and judges and also helps to improve the legal system. Individuals who have completed law school can then go on to pass the bar exam which allows them to practice in their state or federal courts. It can take a minimum of seven years to become an attorney.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Villa Rica GA is a specialized attorney who acts in the interest of businesses or individuals charged with criminal conduct. Criminal conduct is a violation of a city, state, county or federal law. Criminal defense specializations include DUI, drugs, and major felonies such as murder or robbery. Many criminal defense lawyers have added qualifications and should be experienced with criminal law and criminal procedures. Experience and knowledge is important for a criminal defense attorney because criminal laws can be complex and very confusing.

Many lawyers have free initial consultations so you can go in and talk to them and get their advice. Have a list of questions ready so when you have your appointment you won’t forget anything. Don’t be afraid to discuss fees with them as well. Fees are often based on the difficulty of the case. The local yellow pages phone book is a good place to start when looking for a criminal defense lawyer.

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