Countertops San Fernando Valley CA by Harter Surfaces

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Residents in San Fernando Valley, CA have several types of countertops to chose from. One that stands out is the Harter Surfaces which is the source for the new plastic laminate counter top. The Harter surfaces come in 13 different colors. A description follows:


Barcelona Contemporary Ogee

Geneva Modern Drop Ogee

Valencia Full Wrap Ogee

Contemporary Styles

Futura Double Radius Edge

Nova 180 Degree Wrap Edge

Traditional Styles

Caprice No Drip Edge

Classic Square Edge

Tempo Waterfall Edge

The in-stock colors are thirteen in the Caprice No Drip Edge, but other colors are available in the 7 other styles. The Countertops San Fernando Valley CA offers a wonderful program for the DIY person. The “To Install program” where you provide the company with measurements, and they will cut the counter parts and supply everything to install your brand new counter tops. They also have the tools for working with Plastic Laminates and Contact Adhesive, (both water-based and solvent-based) The Harter Surfaces are a new technology in countertops. The colors blend with any design style, and they can be cut to fit any counter top. A good recommendation is to get a roll of butcher paper and cut it to fit the counter top as you would expect the laminate to fit.

Cut out an exact opening for the sink, but allowing for the sink edges to mount to the counter top without any substrate showing. Take off the water fixtures and cut the openings in the paper to represent where they will be installed. If the counter is “L” shaped, then cut the angle where the counter top pieces will join. Do the same procedure for any islands or stand alone counters. Take this pattern to the company for them to cut your counter top. You should have a perfect fit. These counter top designs look like granite in some patterns. In other patterns, they will appear to be marble. They are easy to care for, but a word of caution as with any laminate, don’t put a hot pan directly on the countertop. The look that the homeowner will achieve with their new countertop is going to be unique.


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