Convenient And Affordable Medical Care At Walk in Clinics

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Why are Walk in clinics so popular with health care consumers? Patients don’t have to wait as long, and they receive good service. People tend to visit clinics for colds, sore throats and minor cuts and wounds. In addition, a lot of clinics offer free screenings for diabetes and other conditions, and flu shots for a reduced price. Clinics do not require an appointment and they are conveniently located in malls, drug stores and many hospitals. Clinics may use other names like “urgent care” or “minor emergency”.

There is a severe shortage of primary care physicians in the U.S. Patients may have to wait several days for an appointment. Experts predict by 2015, there will be 62-thousand fewer doctors that are needed to provide basic services. Older physicians are retiring and many are closing their practices. Further, medical school students are choosing specialty care over a general practice. That is why many hospitals are adding Walk in Clinics. For instance, Missouri Delta Medical Center has a clinic located near the emergency room. Hospitals have an incentive to operate clinics. They need to save the emergency room for trauma care. People who do not have a family doctor use the emergency room for minor ailments, and illnesses that happen on weekends. The result is overburdened emergency rooms who spend too much time triaging patients.

The clinic is financially preferable to the emergency room. ER bills are expensive, whereas walk in clinics charge reasonable fees. Most health care insurances pay for walk in clinics. Consumers prefer clinics because they have extended hours. Many are open seven days a week and have evening hours. People like the convenience of being able to come after work.  Experts agree clinics are a good alternative, and competent care is provided by licensed nurse practitioners. Critics say patients are missing an important aspect of medical care. When people visit clinics, there is no ongoing record of medical treatment. However, this problem can be fixed if patients ask the clinic to send a report to their family doctor. There is a shortage of primary doctors and it appears clinics are here to stay. People need affordable and convenient medical care.


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