Contractors Familiar With Roof Repairs in Aurora, IL Will Inspect Your Roof and Fix Problem Areas

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10540865_lYou don’t have to see water pouring into your living area to realize your roof may have leaks. Typically, the roof leaks are slow leaks unless, of course, a storm has blown off a substantial part of the roof. Leaks begin when shingles lift up allowing water to get underneath and rot the decking. Leaks will occur when the flashing deteriorates around the chimney and the vents. Water will get under the shingles if the starter strip is not secured to the decking.

You can find out the condition of your roof and the areas where leaks may occur by hiring a professional contractor specializing in roof repairs in Aurora, IL to go up on the roof and inspect every area which looks like it could be a problem area. Shingles can curl up allowing water to blow underneath the shingle and form a puddle which will rot the shingle beneath it and the decking.

The shingles may not have been installed with the correct nail spacing or the specified spacing between the shingles and the row of shingles above and below. Shingles can wear out from the weather. Hail can leave holes in the roof and if the hail is large enough, it will put a hole in the shingle allowing water to reach the decking. Occasionally, hail is large enough to damage the decking and open the way to rotting the decking. Roofers familiar with roof repairs in Aurora, IL can repair damage to the decking and replace shingles.

The roof cap may have been damaged by wind allowing rain to enter the attic. This is a condition which can allow a lot of water to enter during a wind blown storm. The valleys need to be examined for potential leaks in the leak barrier.

The sealant and flashing around each opening in the roof which accommodates the opening for the vents and the chimney may be worn and cracked by the weather. This condition will allow leaks into the attic and further into the home. The old sealant and flashing should be scraped off and one of the new high-tech sealants applied. It may be necessary to put new flashing around the chimney since the area is so large. Browse to know more.

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