Commuting Tips from Auto Repair in St. Louis

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Automotive

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Americans rely on their cars to an almost alarming extent: Most of us live in suburban areas, and face considerable commute times ranging from thirty minutes to two hours. Some people spend more time in their vehicles than with their families! The sad truth is that for many individuals, long commutes are necessary in order to keep the jobs that put food on the table and keep the wolf from the door, but spending so much time on the road and sitting in traffic can put a lot of physical strain on the body. The following insider tips, courtesy of local mechanics from the top auto repair St Louis garages, can help you make healthy choices when you drive, and just might save your sanity as well.

When you’re in the process of driving, it’s easy to zone out and ignore what you are actually doing, but this often leads to bad habits that can affect the rest of your day. Some people grab the steering wheel in a death grip, creating stress and tension in the arms and shoulders that can lead to headaches and fatigue. With the hectic pace of life today, it can be hard enough to get through your to-do list, but add unnecessary pain and fatigue, and you’ve got a recipe for misery. Other people slump down in the seat, compacting the spine and creating a backache. Simple posture issues can have a powerful affect on the rest of your day, so make a conscious effort while you drive to sit up straight, hold the wheel loosely in a comfortable grip, and keep your shoulders down and back. Make a point of adjusting the driver’s seat prior to starting the car; having the proper support, especially around the lower back, can take a lot of physical stress off the body. Some people even use special lumbar support pillows that can be strapped to the seat.

Mechanics in the auto repair St Louis field often report customers who complain of back pain and discomfort while driving, but most seem to assume that it has to be tolerated. The truth, however, is that you can make smart choices about how you drive that make your commute much more relaxed and enjoyable.

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