Common Tools Used By Law Enforcement

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A police officer helps to catch criminals and stop crime in its tracks, but they have many tools to help them do their job. The tools that the police use are a very important part of keeping them safe while on the job. Many qualified businesses offer Police Equipment For Sale either online or in stores, to help law enforcement personnell add to their protection arsenal. Without these tools they would be exposed and vulnerable as they try to fight crime and put the bad guys where they belong. The following are a few of the most common tools used by law enforcement to manage criminals.

Collapsible Baton

In order to defend to themselves in dangerous situations, police officers carry around on a collapsible baton. In most cases, the batons are around three feet long and are usually made of steel or wood. This type of weapon is expandable and is usually enlarged by pressing a button or a simply flip of the wrist. Some of the new batons come equipped with LED lights at the end, to serve as a flashlight as well as a baton. The baton is small enough to be worn on the belt of the office and can be grabbed at a moments notice.

Handcuff Restraints

Another very important tool in the arsenal of a police officer is their handcuff restraints. These restraints are generally made from durable metals such as steel or iron and they can come in a hinged or chain design. In most cases, the standard issued handcuffs are the chain style, but many officers switch to hinged design because they allow the wrists to be coupled together. Usually, the handcuffs are equipped with a double lock that makes it virtually impossible for the person restrained to pick the lock.

Tactical Gear

Tactical gear means any gear that is used by law enforcement to achieve their goals. Due to the fact that the work of police or the army is generally dangerous, their gear tends to be made specially to handle the dangerous nature of their jobs.
An example of this will be gear that is used in riot situations. Items such as bullet proof vests and helmets, expandable batons, fire arms, high powered night vision goggles, undercover surveillance systems, tactical cargo pants etc are all made of material that is specially reinforced to help keep an officer safe while on duty.

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