Common Reasons For a Leaky Roof in Chino Hills CA

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If you discover that your roof has a leak issue, you may be at a higher risk for substantial water damage, as well as a number of dangers, if it is not fixed. While leaks are not always taken seriously, and sometimes only receive a ‘bucket’ type of solution; the fact is that a leak does not need to be underestimated due to the amount of actual damage they may cause. In order to make recognizing a problem much more quickly, use the tips here.

If you are not confident about how severe your leak issue is, you need to contact a professional roofer right away. These individuals will be able to let you know how quickly you should have the issue treated so that you can prevent even future issues. Some of the most common reasons you may have a Leaky Roof in Chino Hills CA are highlighted here.


While a skylight in your home can provide you with a great source of natural light, when they are not properly built, they may cause a number of issues. If they are extremely old, or they have not been repaired or updated in some time, they may easily allow water into your home. Additionally, if you find that the slopes on your roof are quickly filling with water, this will likely cause a leak in the near future.


Since harsh weather or wind damage can damage your flashing, it is important to inspect areas that are prone to damage on a regular basis. There are some situations where the flashing is poorly installed which will make it extremely susceptible to a leak. Click here for more details.

Roof Age

You need to carefully consider how long your existing roof has been on your home. Also, how good of a job did the contractors that were hired actually do? If you have a roof that is much more than fifty years old, it is high time to seek a replacement. If not, your home is much more susceptible to developing leaks.

If you have a Leaky Roof in Chino Hills CA, it is high time to call in the pros. Berry Roofing offers all type of roof repair services for your home’s needs. Be sure to call in help before the damage becomes more severe and costly.

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