CIP Systems and their Uses

by | Apr 20, 2015 | Business

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Food and beverage companies which rely on processing equipment to create their products must use machinery that is efficient, functional and clean. Processing machinery tends to wear down after repeated use. When it does, this could significantly alter the taste of food or beverage products which are being manufactured for consumption. In the past, companies had to stop production to break down their equipment for routine cleaning. However, in today’s economy, no business has the time to shut down their operations just to clean out machinery. Since this is the case, many closed system machines are now being effectively cleaned with CIP systems.

The acronym CIP stands for “clean in place” and this type of process is necessary for cleaning closed system machinery. Closed system machinery typically has parts which can only be cleaned by taking them apart. With the use of a CIP system, machinery will not have to be disassembled.

All CIP systems are designed to remove build up from the inside of pipes and machinery parts by washing out residue left over from raw materials. They usually work in one of three ways. Some CIP systems deliver a high turbulent, high flow-rate solution through a mechanism. This type of CIP process cleans the inside of pipes and some filled equipment.

Another way the CIP works is through a low-energy spraying procedure. When this technique is used the inside of a mechanism is sprayed with a tool such as a static spray ball. An alternate CIP function requires the use of a high energy impacting spray which uses a dynamic device to clean out large or soiled areas within a mechanism. Each of these processes are effective and beneficial for cleaning out closed systems.

Keep in mind, CIP cleaning is fast, requires fewer workers to perform the job and it can be routinely performed without impeding a company’s production time. Other benefits for CIP cleaning includes less exposure to chemicals by employees and an increase to an organization’s overall profits. This boost to income will be the result of reduced maintenance times for cleaning machinery.

Food and drink businesses are not the only organizations which can use CIP systems. Other organizations which produce products such as pharmaceuticals or cosmetics can use CIP systems for their machinery as well. CIP cleaning technology makes sense for food and/or drug organizations which want to stay competitive in their fields and who want to consistently turn a profit. No matter the use, when you buy a CIP system from Techniblend Inc., you know you are getting a quality system which will save you money.

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