Choosing a Theme for Your Invitation Card and Wedding Decor

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There are many different types of themed weddings that can be designed and planned, and choosing the very best invitations to complement your special day will add icing to the cake. Whether you are planning a casual and fun event, or a highly fancy celebration fit for a king, or somewhere in between, you’ll be able to find an invitation card design perfect to match your celebration.

You’ve likely seen a large variety of invitations, from simple home-made cards and photo postcard announcements, to high quality cards with many layers. Prices can make you dizzy as you consider all the important people you are wanting to let know about your special day. It can be helpful to narrow down your choices by figuring out what type of theme or style your wedding day celebration will have. You can choose a very traditional wedding with all the frills and lace, or you can do something casual and fun if your personalities match well with a theme that means a lot to the wedding couple.

Keep in mind that your invitation card will be a hint to your guests about what type of celebration lies ahead. For instance, if you send out photo invitations with the two of you dressed in western gear posing in a variety of scenes featuring old antique barns and fences, guests will expect to see cowboy themed décor at the wedding reception. Many times your guests will even take the hint and let it help determine what type of present they choose for you. For instance, if you send out a western themed card as just described, a guest might purchase you a photo frame with old faded wood surrounding the photo centre. So when considering the style and theme of your wedding, think about whether it is the style you want for your future home.

If you’re all about surprise and uniqueness, you can surprise your guests by adapting a style from another culture. For example, check out the options for unique scroll invitation card designs. These announcements are printed on fancy or aged looking paper and then rolled into a little scroll and tied shut with ribbons, tassels, or other fancy gold add ons. These beautifully unique invitations can even be complemented with flowers, have an antique look with a quill feather, or designed to look like a butterfly for a unique casual twist. So don’t feel like you need to go with something typical if you like surprise and intrigue to be a part of your announcement to your friends and family.

Make your wedding invitation card design a reflection of your special event to come. Look for themed invitation card by Regal Cards styles to complement the decor and style of your wedding and reception decor.

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