Celebrating your Heritage with an Indian Wedding Card

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America is known as the proverbial melting pot. A blend of cultures and ethnicities, creeds and religions, all steep together into a savory and distinct brew. However, there are those who choose to remain close to their cultural ties and heritage, celebrating their unique traditions for such milestones as weddings. In such cases for those who are of Indian heritage an Indian wedding card can be a great way to announce your upcoming nuptials in a way that is culturally significant.

Indian weddings are grand affairs that are often more than a union of two people, but the blending of families and lives, a celebration that transcends generations. To give the newlyweds this best start in their new lives together, they need an announcement that will give their prospective wedding guests the notion that their wedding is no little affair, a way to remind those who have already taken the ‘plunge’ to remember the events of their own wedding day.

Weddings are significant times in a person’s life. A time to honor traditions, to acknowledge family and to begin the most important chapter of their new lives together. An Indian wedding card in the mail can be one of the greatest gifts to give extended family members and friends. Imagine the look of a great grandmother as she opens the mailbox and finds that beautifully embossed envelope and the handwritten script that is the hallmark of a very special event. That of her great granddaughter’s wedding. Yes, a very special day, indeed.

A wedding card is no ordinary card. It will be the first significant gesture of the new couple and also a reflection upon their family’s honor. It will also be that so critical first impression, the very one the couple makes together. An Indian wedding card deserves time and effort to research such aspects as card stock, color, embossing and script. A card may sit for months in a guest’s living room or on their calendar. A quality invitation should keep its freshness and its signature look. Do not forget that many eyes will be falling upon this very important invitation, perhaps anticipating the event as much as the families.

Weddings are truly special events, one that binds family to family and man to wife. A wedding invitation should inspire those who receive it to call to mind perhaps those days of their own youth, when they were the ones who took such vows and blended families in such a warm and loving way.

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