Caring for the teeth of your children

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Parents, especially first time parents often have questions that concern the dental heath and care for their new family member. They want to know when their child should begin to brush, what is the best toothpaste, when should they have their first visit to a children’s dentist on Long Island? Knowing the answers to these and many more questions regards your child’s oral health can help you in establishing lifelong habits which keep teeth healthy and cavity free.

Even before a child cuts it first tooth, parents should begin to softly clean and massage the gums and most certainly begin to brush as soon as the first tooth comes through the gums. To begin with simply use a soft baby washcloth or a soft brush which is purpose made for youngsters.

There is always a danger of a child getting exposed to too much fluoride so the toothpaste that you select is quite important. You must bear in mind that almost all kids toothpastes do contain fluoride to one degree or another, they are only flavored differently and come packed in tubes with cute little cartoon characters printed on them.

Start off by putting small smear of toothpaste directly on the child’s teeth. As he or she gets a little older, perhaps two years of age, the toothpaste can be spread directly on the tooth brush. In this way you can control precisely the amount of tooth paste used and as a result, the intake of fluoride. This is important because your kid will no doubt swallow the toothpaste because of the flavoring. One of the things the parent must do at an early age is to encourage spitting the paste out.

The first visit to the children’s dentist on Long Island is still a controversial subject. There is one school of thought that says one year old and another well known pediatric group that thinks three is the proper age to introduce the child to the dentist.

Whatever age you consider to be applicable to your situation, once you start with the pediatric dentist, try to set a routine early. Maintain regular brushing and flossing at home, stay with a low sugar diet and practice what you preach so the child will care for his or her teeth for the remainder of their life.

Adelberg and Montalvan Pediatric Dental Clinic is the ideal children’s dentist on Long Island. Your child will not only receive the best in dental care, it will be done in such a fashion that the child feels relaxed and at ease.

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