Best Hair Removal Options

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For women, having unwanted hair is a nuisance you just do not want to have to deal with on a daily basis. In order to keep your appearance in line with something you appreciate, you likely have to struggle with the hair removal issue. Here are some of the best hair removal options on the market for you to consider.

Option 1: Laser or Pulsed Light Hair Removal
One of the more popular, modern ways to get rid of unwanted hair is through lasers or pulsing lights. The energy goes down through the hair shaft and into the follicle of the hair. It then destroys the roots of the hair. You should not expect your hair to come out immediately during the laser treatment. Instead, the hair will be weaker and it will fall out over time after a treatment. The latest hair removal treatments that involve lasers penetrate even deeper and allow you to treat even larger areas at one time. Laser hair removal can be done anywhere on the body. The best candidates are those who have dark hair and light skin, but anyone can give it a try. Laser hair removal will usually take 5-7 sessions to be fully effective and patients generally have to return each year for touch-ups. The sessions can cost anywhere from $150-500, depending on the size of the area and how many treatments are necessary.

Option 2: Electrolysis
This method of hair removal is the only one that is considered to be permanent. The method takes tiny needles and slides them into the hair follicle until it gets to the cells that create hair growth. The cells are then destroyed so that hair will never grow back in that area. The process can sting, but those who apply it can use local creams to help with anesthetics. Electrolysis is best for those who do not want to mess with hair removal every again. It can be done anywhere on the body, but the most popular location is the face. It can take up to 25 sessions to be complete because the system requires that it be done on a hair-by-hair basis. The cost can range anywhere from $40-90 for each treatment and there might need to be 10 or more treatments in order to get the desired results. This method has the ability to leave tiny scars, though the area heals on most people.

These two options are two of the most popular hair removal prospects on the market today. They help women spend less time shaving, waxing, and plucking and though they are expensive, they also save money on other hair removal products in the long run. They need to be done by trained professionals in order for the outcome to be what the women desire.

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