Becoming an estimator for the River Oaks Custom Home Builders

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Home And Garden

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When it comes to the River Oaks Custom Home Builders, cost estimation is a vital element that helps them generate revenue. If you don’t have any idea what this refers to, well, cost estimation is used by the River Oaks Custom Home Builders in order to see how profitable a certain home building project is for them. There are many factors included in this process and they number land, machinery, materials, labor and so on. People who are good with data analysis, blueprint reading or have math skills, make for potential great candidates for this position.


In order to become an estimator, you’ll first of all need to consider a good education. Most of the times, you will not ask to have a degree, but you will be able to attract an employer’s attention more when you have one. To include some of the programs you’ll go through in your efforts of getting a degree, they include construction engineering technology, civil engineering, construction management, building science or construction.


You will definitely need to have some experience in the field if you want to be taken seriously. If you have hands on knowledge of cost and building procedures, materials and construction products, then you’ll definitely have an advantage over those applicants who only have a degree. So basically, if you have background knowledge and also experience in this field, then you’ll have higher chances of being awarded the job.


At this point you may want to acquire certification in construction estimating. The ASPE is a non-profit certification and education organization that focuses on the construction industry. If you pass the American Society of Professional Estimators certification examination, then you will become a certified estimator.


Last but not least, those who will want to work for the River Oaks Custom Home Builders will need to ensure they have all the necessary skills. Just review the job wanted ads for estimators and see what other skills you may need to be hired. Good luck!

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