Barn Doors Are Not Just for Country Style Homes

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The country look in interior design has been mostly out of vogue for a while now, so the idea of installing a barn door in your home may make you cringe. However, a contemporary barn door does not have to look like something you’d find at a dude ranch. In fact, barn doors are becoming a popular design feature in today’s new homes, contributing to the open floor plans and sleek lines that are so fashionable today.

A barn door is mounted on hardware which runs across the top of the door frame and extends onto the wall. The door hangs from this track with brackets and slides along the track to rest flush against the wall on one side. They can be used between rooms, as closet doors, or even to cover up certain areas, like office spaces, when they are not in use. A barn door is a great solution if you don’t have a lot of space in your home or you want an uninterrupted floor plan and light flow. Keep in mind that while barn doors do save floor space, you will need to have a large enough area of wall to hold the door when it is open. Also, these doors do offer less privacy than traditional latched doors, so they may not work for every room in the house.

A barn door can come in a wide range of styles. Of course, there are wooden barn doors which can be as rustic or as sleek as you want. Barn doors can be made out of wood and finished with wood stain or painted. Some of these doors do have the look of an actual barn door but with smooth finishes and pristine paint. Other wooden barn doors can be made of horizontal beams or even a solid piece of wood. You can also get glass barn doors with opaque glass that allows for privacy. Some might choose a barn door that is made of wood but has glass panels in it. You can even get French doors that are mounted like barn doors.

Installing a barn door is fairly easy and something any DIY-er can manage. First, you will need to attach a mounting board using drywall anchors, spacers, and lag bolts. Then, assemble the track according to the instructions that came with it. Once assembled, you can cut it to your specifications. You will need to drill holes in it where it will attach to the mounting board and to the wall. Next, attach the track to the mounting board and wall using lag bolts. Finally, you can hang the door from the track using hanger rollers.

Once installed, you will have a beautiful, space-saving door that can be as country or as modern as you want. One thing is for sure: no matter which type of barn door you choose, you are sure to have something that looks great in your home.

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