Auto Cracks: When A Bullseye Is Not Favorable

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4528134_mYou are driving behind a gravel truck on a country road. Suddenly a stone appears out of nowhere. It strikes your window. Bullseye! And that is exactly the type of mark or crack it makes on what had been an impeccable windshield. Time to visit, if you are in Chicago, and auto glass repair shop. It is the only way to find out whether the damage can be repaired.

Types of Cracks

At a Chicago auto glass repair shop, technicians are familiar with a variety of cracks, dings, chips and other types of windshield damage. Among the most common are:

Bulls Eye or Bullseye Crack: This chip or crack has the appearance of a target’s center or bullseye. This darker center with cracks extending outwards clearly indicates where the foreign object struck the windshield.

Chips: This is a small nick in the glass resulting from a foreign object striking it.
Partial Bullseye or Half Moon Crack: The indentation or mark left by the striking foreign object resembles a half-moon. This accounts for its name. Since, the indentation also resembles a partial bullseye, this is an alternative name.

Star Crack or Stone Break:  This is a sub-surfaced break since it only penetrates the exterior layer of the windshield. The name of star is the result of the pattern created by the small cracks radiating out from a central striking point.

The causal factors of this type of damage is some type of object making contact with the windshield. This could be a stone, a rock or even a bottle. Yet, whether the damage can be repaired or the window needs to be replaced, will depend not just upon the skill, technology and experience of the technician. It will also depend on several factors relating to the age of the vehicle and the size, location and depth of the chip or crack.

What Auto Glass Damages Cannot Be Repaired

There are certain damages to the windshield and other auto glass that, more frequently than not, cannot be repaired. Instead, the glass must be replaced. Examples that fall into this category include, but are not restricted to the following:

* The crack or chip is on the interior of the windshield
* The chip or crack definitely affects driver visibility by stretching out into the critical area
* There is not a single crack. The damage consists of several cracks or chips that create a complex pattern
* The crack or damage is lengthy, extending more than 18 inches
* Both layers of the glass have been damaged severely
* The cracks or chips are located close to the edge of the windshield
* Damage has occurred above the rain sensor and/or the internal radio antenna

Help from Chicago Auto Glass Shops

No matter where you live – San Francisco, Washington or Chicago, auto glass shops will help you decide whether the damage is repairable. In many instances, this is possible and can be done quickly and effectively. Many window shields can be repaired in the same day. When your car windshield is cracked or chipped, visit your favorite Chicago auto shop. They can help you take care of the damage so you can get back on the road. Browse the site for more information

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