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So you’ve been scouring the web checking out various Austin TX moving companies, but you still have a few questions. This is completely understandable! When you’ve made the decision to relocate, it’s important to investigate every little detail. Not only can moving be stressful if it’s done the wrong way, things can also get physically damaged in the process. To avoid any of these mishaps from happening to you, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions to get you started on the road to choosing the right movers.

How Much Will I Pay?
This is an important question to ask Austin TX moving companies for a few reasons. The first being whether or not they’re willing to provide you with upfront pricing. Yes, most companies will need some background information on your move prior to giving you a quote – but a willingness to go that far can speak volumes. Never go with a company that wants to wait until your move is over to give you a price point. This could mean you’re in store for some unwelcome surprises.

What If I Need Help?
Austin TX moving companies will do more than just drive your truck from your old home to your new home. Now, you can get assistance with everything from packing up your belongings to setting yourself back up if you’re a business owner. Most movers will provide assistance with loading and unloading the truck, and they can even help you with storage should you find that not everything is ready to be moved in just yet.

What if I Give Them Short Notice?
While some movers will turn their nose up, others do offer same day moving options! It’s understandable that not every relocatee has the time they need to give fair warning. A simple Google search should help you find a company willing to cater to your needs.

Greater Austin Moving & Storage is a fully comprehensive relocation assistance company that specializes in both residential and commercial moves. Whether you need storage solutions, packing assistance or help with loading/unloading – visit There you can learn more about the company and its services, and even request a quote online.

Greater Austin Moving & Storage, LLC
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