Are you listening to what the World is saying?

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Prophecy Update News plays a key role in keeping Christians in touch with current events. As a Christian it is easy to want to shut out the rest of the world and live a safe a cozy life clinging to your faith. However, it is important to listen to what the world is saying so you can grip on more firmly to God’s love.

It is only through darkness that we can see the light. This is one of the pillars of our faith. As a Christian one of God’s most important messages is to continue believing in him even in times of trouble. When you open your eyes to what is happening in the world you will be given a great gift. The gift is to see the world for what it is, full of much beauty, but also a dangerous and frightening place.

When you experience a good life it is very easy to begin to forget your faith. You may take God for granted and feel you need nothing more of him. By remaining realistic about events that are taking place beyond your own backyard you are living more closely in the way God would like. Why? If you are only inclined to look at what you have and not what others need you are living a selfish life. When you look around you and see where God could use a hand in reaching out to those in need you are better equipped to live the life God intends for you. First God wants you to be happy and second God wants you to be charitable, selfless and kind. In God’s eyes these things go together like a perfectly matched set.

As you are more able to learn of prophecy update news, current events and what is happening in your very own town you will be able to offer up prayers for help for those who are not as fortunate as you. You will also be able to pray in earnest with grateful acknowledgement for the blessings in your life. Without seeing those worse off than you it is far less sincere to be grateful. Understanding your blessings becomes easier when you see how much God has given you compared to the other situations going on in the world everyday.

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