Annapolis’s Best Exterminators Can Rid Your Home of Termites and Animals

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When an unwanted four legged guest moves into your attic, you need the services of an animal control company. This same company can help with termite eradication and control. Ant control is a more easily accomplished process, but nonetheless it is one you would want.

Occasionally, wild animals like raccoons will get into your attic and try to make it their permanent home. You need a skilled and experienced pest control technician to trap any creature and remove them from your attic. Otherwise, these creatures can do damage to wiring and insulation which will end up costing the home-owner a lot of money.

Termites are a serious threat to a home because they have been known to bring the house down by consuming the support structure. Termites can remain undetected for years. During this time they will cause extensive damage to the flooring, walls, trim, or to the structure of your home. Termite activity is heavy in Maryland, and its important that you have your home inspected yearly for the presence of termites. An inspection requires probing for termites in places where they may not be seen, but there are indications they are living there. If your home does not have termites, then ask Annapolis’s Best Exterminators to take preventive measures to ensure that you don’t get termites.

If termites are found in your home, then it is essential that immediate action be taken to eradicate them by Annapolis’s Best Exterminators. Depending on the kind of termites and the number of colonies, this process could take several months, but the lapsed time means that the number of termites is diminishing.

Subterranean termite activity requires in-ground bait stations which will attract termites and these will carry the bait back to the colonies to feed to the other termites. Above ground termite bait stations will eradicate the termites that are working above ground. Liquid termite treatments to the perimeter of the home is another way to kill the termites. Visit for more updates.

Only a thoroughly trained professional can find where termites are living and effectively eradicate them. This process requires experience and an understanding of the habitat and life cycle of termites. It is not a job for the home-owner.

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