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Aluminum is one of the most popular and commonly used metallic material in the world. It is used for a multitude of applications including motorbikes, cars, dustbins, doors, windows, drinks cans and thousands of other appliances, engineering structures and machines. Most of us recognize it from household use such as fold wrap that we use for cooking and roasting. However, that is not the extent of its uses. Most alloys are made using aluminum mixed with coppers, manganese, zinc, silicon, and magnesium and this creates a more pliable casting. Most aluminum is used in the making of wrought products like foils, rolled plate and such.

An aluminum distributor might have a sizeable inventory of different plates available to those wishing to buy aluminum. For example, wrought, cast and mold plates are the most common and they are graded by different densities as well as a series of other features. For instance, MIC 6 graded aluminum is generally used in the automotive industry for engines, tooling and parts, as well as aircraft tooling, circuit printers, and chip printers among others.

Naturally Occurring Phenomenon

Aluminum is actually a naturally occurring element and is one of the top three most abundant elements containing metal in the world. Usually found in silicates and oxides because of its strong bond with oxygen, aluminum can be harvested in its ‘natural state’. In Europe aluminum—spelled aluminium—is the top most recycled element when it comes to metals. Mostly due to the recycling of old window frames, soda cans and construction materials, aluminum has a massive success rate at becoming something else long after its use has been finished with in one life. Its recycling code is 41.

Light weight and easy to mold, aluminum is also used in thousands of everyday products, like cooking utensils, street lights, computers, aircraft, ships, bicycles, trains, watches, musical instruments—such as Travis Bean and Kramer guitars—known for creating a highly distinctive sound. Some countries even tried making currency from aluminum and copper alloys to some positive effect. Also, you might not be aware but you might use some paints that contain powdered aluminum and because it can also react with hydrochloric acid it can also produce hydrogen gas which can be used in fueling buses and other modes of transport.

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