A few tips for replacing car keys

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The type of key that your car uses will depend on the vehicles age. Older cars can have the key duplicated quite simply at the corner store where they sell keys and key accessories wholesale. The pattern for the key can be a duplicate that is carried by another family member or kept in the key box in the house. This is not the case however with newer cars; the keys that they use have embedded security chips. These secure keys are not so easy to duplicate and in many cases a replacement will have to be ordered by the dealer the car was purchased from or from a specialist locksmith. These new style keys are very expensive compared to older keys.

With an older car many people will have duplicates made; this is a simple matter as the keys are made in many places including mall kiosks, convenience stores, any place that sells key accessories wholesale including shoe repair shops. Although the old style keys can be duplicated in many places, the duplicating equipment and the operator skill is rarely as good as is found at a locksmith. Many times the keys that are not ground by a professional will not work when you try them in the ignition.

If the vehicle owner is unfortunate enough not to have a spare key anywhere, a professional locksmith can normally re-key the car but this is an expensive undertaking.

Although a transponder key can be cut, it will not work in the ignition because of the security features which are imbedded into the key. For the vehicle to start it waits for a signal to be sent from the key to the ignition, if there is no signal the car will not start. If one of these PATS; passive anti-theft system keys are lost the vehicle owner will have to work directly with the dealer or with a locksmith who has the highly sophisticated duplicating equipment that is necessary. There are very few locksmiths who have the technology so it may be a smart move to locate one who has before you need his services.

To duplicate a PATS key the VIN must be provided and usually the locksmith will require some form of proof that you actually own the car.

If you have a business that cuts duplicate keys then you will also purchase key accessories wholesale to sell alongside the duplication service. For a wide selection you are invited to shop online at Key Craze, Inc.

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