4 Unique Treatments You May Find at Your Animal Hospital

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Holistic veterinary care is a whole body approach where your vet is concerned with your pet’s overall health and well-being, not merely in masking symptoms.You may be familiar with the versions of these treatments for humans without having realized how they can help your pet. Here are four alternative practices that your holistic vet might offer:

1. Chiropractic Treatments

Gentle, specific chiropractic moves can help relieve pain for many ailments in a natural way. If your pet suffers from joint pain, arthritis, or sprains, consider seeking chiropractic help from a trained veterinarian. In many cases, relieving the swelling or pressure of a joint can promote pain relief and healing in injury sites.

Chiropractic care is different from massage, which may also be available at your local animal hospital.Tui-Na massage, for example, involves gentle kneading and pulling which helps promote the flow of blood and positive energies. Only a veterinarian trained and experienced in each field should perform chiropractic or massage-based treatments.

2. Flower Essence Care

We all know that lavender oils are relaxing and that a touch of peppermint oil can clear a stuffy nose, but did you know that flower essences can help modify your pet’s behavior? Flower essences are naturally occurring, derived from fruit and vegetable blossoms and used to treat a variety of symptoms and situations. They are known to help with anxiousness, irritability, fear, skittish behavior, aging, scratching, and restlessness in animals. In addition, flower essences can be used to help lessen the stress of traveling or moving. Depending on the essence, the drops can be diluted into fresh water or applied directly to your pet. Consider using flower essence care to help improve your pet’s overall health and emotional well-being.

3. Herbal Formulas

Western and Chinese herbal remedies are a popular choice for many humans, but they can also work wonders for your pet. These alternative medicines are typically gentle and, in the case of Chinese herbs, have been used for centuries. Unlike many modern medications, the goal of herbal formulas is to treat the problem from its root cause, not its symptoms. Most herbal supplements are used on a short-term basis.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture relates closely to massage because specific points in the body are targeted. These acupuncture points are bundles of nerves and blood vessels which, when stimulated, release a natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory agent. Acupuncture does not interfere with medication, nor does it cause harmful side effects, making it a safe treatment for a variety of pet illnesses. If your animal hospital offers acupuncture, your vet should be trained or have a specialist on staff.

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