4 Traditional Indian Wedding Invitation Tips

by | Dec 23, 2011 | Shopping

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Indian weddings have always been famous for their glamour and grandeur worldwide and the one thing that makes the ceremonies even more welcoming is the traditional Indian wedding invitation sent to guests. Indian wedding invitations are reflections of the ceremonies. Your guests should be able to feel the warmth of the occasion, and a grand invitation is the best way to welcome them to it. The wedding cards need to reflect the culture and tradition of the family. Depending on your preference, you can opt for traditional or contemporary designs. The style should complement the wedding theme and the colours chosen should not look either too dazzling, or too shabby. It’s a tricky affair, but a person with good taste should be able to select the appropriate designs and styles.

When thinking of various ideas about Indian wedding invitations, there are certain basic norms that must be remembered as well. There are families that send out more than one invitation card to the guests; one for the actual wedding day, and two more, one for the sangeet (an occasion, part of a wedding ceremony, where people sing together with instrumental accompaniment), and another for the reception. No matter which part of the wedding ceremony it refers to, the text on all wedding cards should sound formal and courteous.

Here are some basic norms that you should follow when sending out Indian wedding invitations:

1. Always use vibrant colours, unique styles and high quality papers to make the cards. The invitation should reflect the extravagance and elegance of the event. Remember, these wedding cards are sent to make the guests feel warm and welcomed.

2. Always make sure that you send two invitation cards, one for the bride’s family and another for the groom’s. This is a customary practice that you should follow, even though it is not a compulsion.

3. When addressing the recipients on the envelope, don’t miss out any of the three – the title, first name and the last name. You should be careful not to misspell the names. This rule, in fact, is universally applied to all wedding invitations, not just for Indian weddings.

4. Most families prefer a painting of deities like Ganesha or Shiva on the cards. This is a wonderful way to ask for their blessings because a drawing of a deity on a wedding card is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Don’t miss out on this one.

The above four basic norms should be remembered when sending out an Indian wedding invitation. Keep some time in hand so that you can plan well before getting the cards, and you should be able to get the perfect cards to please all the guests.

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