4 Hidden Signs Your Home Needs Water Damage Restoration in Corona

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Often, it can be difficult to detect the signs of water damage in your home. While it may be a no-brainer that you’ll Need Water Damage Restoration Corona after flooding or severe leaking, sometimes faulty roofing or plumbing problems make water damage much more difficult to find and repair. So how can you tell if your home needs Corona Water Damage Restoration? Keep reading to learn about the sneaky warning signs that your home may need Water Damage Restoration Corona.

Damp Carpeting or Damaged Flooring

Sometimes, a leaking or burst pipe can cause excess water to slowly accumulate under the surface of your flooring. This water will eventually be soaked up by your carpeting, hardwood floors or laminate tiles. If you notice that your carpeting is damp, your wood looks warped or water-logged, or your tile floors are cracking or breaking, you may have a water leak problem in your home that requires immediate attention.

Unexplained Mold or Mildew

There are some areas of your home, like your bathroom and laundry room, where finding a bit of mold or mildew can make sense. However, the sudden appearance of these problems in areas of the home that aren’t typically damp or humid can signify hidden water damage. This type of water damage usually comes from a leaky or faulty roof and is typically seen first on the walls and ceilings of the upper levels of your home.

Damaged Baseboards and Peeling Wallpaper

Leaks inside the home often take place inside the walls where they’re almost impossible to detect before it’s too late. A few warning signs of this type of water damage are peeling wallpaper and baseboards, trim or molding that’s starting to separate from the wall a bit. All of these things are strong indicators of water damage that has started inside the walls.

Swollen Wood

Check the wood casings around your doors and windows, and also take a peek at any natural wood furniture you may have. If any of this wood seems swollen, or if you’re having a harder time opening and closing any doors in your home, you may be experiencing one of the warning signs of water damage.

If you suspect water damage inside your home, it’s important to contact a Professional From Forness Construction right away before the problem worsens and threatens the structural integrity of your house. Perform frequent inspections of your home and keep the warning signs above in mind.

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