What’s better: Warm air heating or radiators?

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Radiators are the most popular way of heating a person’s home in the UK. They involve single metal radiators placed around the home which heat each individual room separately. Radiators use hot water or oil piped through the house via an extensive network of plumbing. The whole thing is powered by a central boiler.

Warm air heating units, on the other hand, use ducts which funnel hot air as a means of heating a house. The air is heated by a warm unit such as a Johnson and Starley unit. You can buy a unit by Johnson and Starley in Hertfordshire if that is where you live. These are powered by a furnace, usually located in the basement of a large house, which heats the air and fans it though the ducts.

These two types of heating units are very different. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a look at what some of those are.

Warm air heating advantages

Warm air heaters can instantly heat a house by directly warming the air and piping it in the home. This is especially true of Johnson and Starley units. You can buy a unit by Johnson and Starley in Hertfordshire as well as other areas of the UK. They are small and less unsightly compared to radiators. Warm air heaters only require small vents which can be placed discreetly on the floor or in the ceiling out of site. With the right technology, warm air heaters can humidify the air in the winter and dehumidify it in the summer.

You can also use it as an air conditioning unit. What’s more, you can adjust the temperature instantly. If you want to lower the temperature, then this will happen much quicker with warm air heaters than radiators which require a while to cool down.

Warm air heating disadvantages

They do, however, produce a lot of noise. Warm air heating units can be much noisier than radiators and can blow dust particles around. This is especially a problem if you have allergies. Finally they can be expensive to install and need regular servicing.

Radiators advantage

The good thing about radiators is that you can control which rooms get heated. It’s much easier to switch certain heaters off to make sure only the room you want heated are heated. They can also be used for drying clothes. If you don’t have a tumble dryer, you can dry clothes quickly on a radiator.

Radiator disadvantage

The main disadvantage of radiators is that the pipes can get blocked. This makes them inefficient and means they break down often. Because of the complicated piping, you’ll find you’ll be looking for the services of a plumber once too often with radiators. Some people also find radiators very unsightly.

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