Reasons to Stay in Your Off-Campus Student Housing Near SHSU This Summer

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Student Housing Center

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You have just renewed the lease for your off-campus student housing near SHSU, and you are not planning to spend your entire summer vacation at home. From enjoying your space to making early preparations, you can find a range of benefits of staying in the community for most of the summer.

Skip The Hassle of Traveling

By remaining in the community for the summer, you can forget about the hassle of traveling. This includes making arrangements, packing, unpacking, and possible jet lag.

Take Advantage of The Quiet

If your roommate is going home for the summer, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of a near-empty apartment. Use this time to relax, invite family for a visit or make academic improvements.

Enjoy The Community Amenities

Of course, remaining on campus also means you can enjoy the community amenities. Spend time in the resort-style pool, use the 24-hour fitness center, or unwind in the community clubhouse.

Prepare For New Roommates

Remaining on campus also makes it easier to prepare for new roommates. You may want to clean the apartment, create a welcome basket and greet your roommates as they arrive.

Get Ready for the Semester

You also have the opportunity to prepare for the semester in advance. Once you register for classes, gather the necessary supplies, reorganize your workspace, and get back into a routine.

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