Dec 20, 2013

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Zechariah 14:12 Commentary: Judgements Threatened Against the Enemies of the Church

Zechariah 14:12 is one of the major verses in the Bible that sums up the judgements for those who fight against the church. In this passage, Zechariah explained how the Lord will defeat the enemies of Jerusalem. He said that a plague will strike the armies that fought against Jerusalem. A plague is a bad thing that attacks many people at the same time. Here, the plague is an awful disease that will make people rot before they die. Perhaps, Zechariah is remembering what happened in 2 Kings 19:35, where 180,500 men in the Sennacherib’s army died in one night.

The Zechariah 14:12 commentary is talking about the judgements threatened against those will fight or have fought against the church. The judgements were passed in order to preserve the church in safety. People who read and hear of these plagues will be afraid, even more so when these plagues attack some of them; at that point, others will hear and fear. Those who fight against the city of God and his people will be fighting against God Himself. Let’s divide Zechariah 14:12 commentary into distinct parts and examine each of them in detail.

This is the plague with which God will smite all the armies that fought against Jerusalem

These plagues are much more similar to the seven plagues that will afflict the anti Christian states as indicated in (Revelation 15: 1-16:21). According to this prophecy, those who have been the enemies and prosecutors of the church shall be utterly consumed and destroyed by different plagues. Zechariah is much more specific about these plagues and clearly states that the enemies and prosecutors of the church shall waste away under grievous and languishing illnesses.

Their Flesh Will Rot While They are Standing on Their Feet

The Antichrist will be miserably emaciated, so that they shall be skeletons with nothing but bones and skins. The plague will hit in a moment, suddenly and at unawares as stated in 2 Thessalonians 2:8 and Revelation 17:16.

Their Eyes will rot in Their Sockets

Their organs of sight shall be consumed away, which shall make their countenances ghastly and their mouths wretched.

Their Tongues Will Rot in Their Mouths

Their organs of speech with which they had blasphemed God and his people, will be consumed away when the plagues of God are inflicted in them (Revelation 13:5-6).

A number of people simply do not understand these writings, or have not taken the time to examine them more thoroughly. Through the Zechariah 14:12 commentary, all these prophecies are explained in detail.

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