Zanesville OH Farmers Depend on Cost-Efficient, Clean-Burning Propane

Propane sales near Zanesville OH, serve Muskingum County’s 1,100 farms. This versatile, clean, and efficient fuel not only heat water, the farmhouse, and cook meals, but has a number of agricultural uses too.

For example, propane generators are quite common on America’s farms and are often used to run irrigation pumps and pivots. Propane also fuels the farm’s standby generators, in case of a power outage.

Farmers are also familiar with propane-powered lawn mowers, tractors, forklifts, and other farm vehicles. It’s actually cheaper than gas or diesel, burns cleaner and propane-powered vehicles often need less maintenance.

Another surprising agricultural use of propane on the farm is weed control; rather than spraying harmful herbicides, farmers can use propane to burn weeds away. Once the weeds are burned to ash, it is then tilled back into the earth, enriching the soil.

After harvest, grains like corn and wheat are dried using propane heaters before being stored in silos. Propane dryers are highly efficient, using around half the energy of other fuels.

Finally, propane efficiently heats barns and livestock water, keeping the animals comfortable all winter. Not only that, propane can be used to heat greenhouses, extending the growing season.

Zanesville farmers aren’t the only ones who depend on propane, the folks in town heat their homes and businesses with propane too. The fact is, propane is perhaps the most versatile, clean-burning and cost-effective fuel rural Americans can choose.

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