Jun 16, 2014

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Your Rigth to Fair Compensation: Get Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tucson

Many victims of car accidents have to struggle with recovery because of an insurance settlement that doesn’t meet their needs. It isn’t fair, but it’s completely legal. If victims accept settlements from insurance companies, they are waving their right to pursue a larger payment. Most victims won’t know how much they will need in order to cover all the costs associated with recovering from an accident. During the course of treatment some victims could end up with over a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills. A replacement vehicle will cost tens of thousands. There could even be a long periods in which victims are unable to earn an income.

You Have a Right to Fair Compensation
Everyone has a right to expect compensation for the injuries they suffer at the hands of another driver. Fair compensation isn’t a privilege that only some people can afford, it’s a right that any victim should enforce. It is completely unfair that a victim should suffer through recovery without the means to pay for medical treatment, replace their vehicle, or pay their bills. Don’t let the right to fair compensation slip away. Call one of many Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers or visit online sties such as Clausenmoorelaw.com.

Don’t Settle for Less
It is common practice that an adjuster will assess the damages a victim has suffered. The insurance company will suggest a settlement that reflects those findings, whether they meet the needs of the victim or not. The victim will need to decide if that offer is going to be enough, or seek the opinion of Personal Injury Lawyers in Tucson . Unfortunately, most settlement offers are well below the amount needed to pay for medical treatments and replace a vehicle. An experienced lawyer will help the victim decide if the offer is an acceptable amount.

Think Long-Term
Most victims of a serious car accidents will suffer from their injuries for many years to come, possibly for the rest of their life. Those ongoing medical treatments are going to cost money. If the injury is severe enough it could prevent the victim from working in their chosen career field. These kinds of long-term symptoms should be considered when pursuing a settlement.

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